Bod's adventures

Bod is my son's family black Labrador and lives in Cornwall. He can be seen most days on the beach at Newquay running in and out of the sea playing with my grandson.

These are his adventures - based on true dangers and stories - which will be published soon. Meanwhile here's the first one in full - Danger for Crusty the Crab - (age range - 8 years - 90 plus!). It starts below the seven stories listed. Just scroll down. As the stories progress the situations bocome very chllenging indeed for Bod as he encounters real dilemmas, most of which are based on true and hzardous predicaments.   

Danger for Crusty the crab 

Bod has to make a big choice - does he save Crusty - or does he save himself?

(Read complete story below) 

Whispers in the waves 

Something strange is happening at sea which Bod must investigate - fast! But it’s a high risk situation. 

Bod’s scientific holiday 

Bod is tracked down to help on a scientific expedition at sea after his cousin is injured. But the voyage has unpredictable consequences. 

Deadly find 

Fun and games on the beach until .....a treacherous situation arises. 


A perilous adventure for Bod and his new unpredictable friend! 

D-Day looms for Bod 

Bod’s future is at risk. A menacing threat lurks offshore which develops into a horrid, touch-and go situation. 

Bod’s Scottish holiday 

Away from home, can Bod survive after his daredevil decision - to jump?







Bod the black Labrador grabbed his lead dangling from the kitchen table and scampered off to find Archie, his nine year old master.

"You cheeky mutt!" chuckled Archie. "Okay, I've
got the message. Let's go to the beach." Soon they were heading down the steps to Sennen Cove. Bod pulled so hard on his lead that Archie nearly toppled over!

The tide was out and the golden sand glowed softly in the warm sunshine. Far out, the sea sparkled like floating jewels.

"Off you go and don't eat any dead fish!" ordered Archie. "Just remember how sick you got last time!"

Set free from his lead, Bod zoomed off sniffing and rolling over in the soft sand. He leapt high into the air and landed - SPLOSH! in a deep sea puddle where he wallowed and rolled and wallowed some more - like a hippopotamus washing himself. After all, being a black Labrador he just loved being in water - a trait inherited from his ancestor - the big Newfoundland dog. After a big shake Bod ran full speed far across the beach to explore the rock pools to find what the sea had left behind for him to eat. There was always more to find after a storm or high tide, but as there hadn’t been a storm, he had to sniff and search a lot harder to find anything interesting!

Suddenly, something moved in a little rock pool in front of him. He stood very still and crouched down on his tummy. Very, very slowly he crept forward to the edge of the pool and peeped in.

In the centre of the clear rippling little pool, a plump baby crab lay perfectly still just too afraid to move a pincer.
‘Oh how I wish the sea had washed me away to a safe place,’ moaned the baby crab. His name was Crusty and he was always having to hide from dogs and little people on the beach going ‘crabbing’.

His biggest fear was to be caught and thrown into a bucket and cooked alive for someone’s supper!

With his long pink tongue, Bod smacked his lips wondering what the crab would taste like. He wagged his big tail and woofed softly then gently dipped his nose into the pool. Crusty trembled and gulped. His eyes whizzed round on the end of their long stalks and he looked at Bod in terror. Quickly he scampered sideways and slid under the rock.

But Bod was not giving up. He started to dig around the rock with his big strong paws. Suddenly, he leapt back, hackles up as Crusty scuttled out again with his pincers waving above the water and squeaking as loudly as he could.

“Ooooo please don’t eat me!" he pleaded. "I’ve lost my way home and can’t find my folks or my friends!”
Bod tipped his head to one side, listened and then had a good shake to make sure he wasn’t just imagining it.

“I’m Crusty crab and need to get back to the sea before the little people come
and put me in a bucket,” he cried.
"Grrrrrr" Bod grunted but didn’t know what to do next.

Just then, four young children came running up the beach shouting and
waving their nets and crabbing buckets. They crouched low looking into every rock pool and poking the rocks with sticks. "Ypeee!" they squealed "Here's a fat one for supper!" Then they threw it into a bucket - PLOP! "Oooooh NO, ooooh,ooooh," wailed Crusty for he knew they were getting closer!

Now Bod, being kind and big hearted, often meant he had to give up something that he really, really wanted. This was one of those moments. “Ooooo okay" he groaned, frowning. "I'll help you. But you’ll have to climb into my mouth so that I can carry you back to the sea,” he woofed.

Crusty trembled in his shell sending ripples across the pool, more scared than ever! Could he trust this big black dog with teeth like a shark? Would he eat him or save him?
The children were getting closer - just a few rock -pools away, so there was no time left.
“er.....er,,,,,erm....no! ....er ...yes, okay,” squeaked Crusty who was very frightened and confused as to what would happen to him.




Bod put his head close to the pool and opened his big soft mouth wide. With his six gripping little spidery legs, Crusty carefully crawled in.

But one of the children, Joey, was watching. “That dog’s eating OUR crab!” he shouted pointing at the pool.
Spooked by the noise, Bod quickly turned his head to look at the children. And then something horrendous happened. Crusty fell out of Bod’s mouth - THUD! and began disappearing into the sand.

"Stop!" screamed Joey running over to snatch the crab. Bod started digging fast to find Crusty and scooped him into his mouth just in time. But he was surrounded. “Drop it! you stupid dog," they shouted menacingly. "Drop it at once!”

But being a very fast mover, Bod slipped between the legs of one of the children - WHOOSH! and raced towards the sea. “Stop, stop!” they bellowed.

Poor Bod began choking with the crab and the sand in his mouth and felt Crusty slipping out again. But he kept running faster and faster until he reached the edge of the foaming waves and dashed in, SPLASH! Faster and faster he paddled until he was swimming with his powerful paws. After all, he was known as a ‘water dog’ he reminded himself. At last, he was able to open his mouth in the waves and release the little crab back into the sea.

Crusty was so pleased, he waved his pincers about and made a promise to Bod. “Thank you Bod. You are Ace! and I’m going to tell all my
friends in the sea to look after you - always! ”

At the other end of the beach, Archie heard the children screaming and began running over to see what Bod was doing. He got there just in time to save Bod from being pounded with stones from four very angry children!

That night, Bod snored and twitched and dreamt of the little crab swimming far across the sea back to his folks and friends. 'I hope we'll meet again Crusty,' he woofed softly in his sleep.

A long time passed, until one day Bod discovered how a promise made is a promise kept - by a little crab in a mighty ocean.




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