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IT was HOT, HOT, HOT! during the Wimborne History Festival recently which commemorated one hundred years since the end of the First World War. 

Events included living history displays and arena
activities plus a full programme of talks and lectures.
The bell-tented encampment of the Norfolk and
Warwick Regiments showed weapons, equipment and accessories of the 1918 period. 

The book of a brave soldier dog - BUDDY THE WAR DOG - attracted the interest of all age groups. Buddy, like many other dogs and animals helped during the First and Second World Wars as they still do today. Buddy's stories explain the vital role dogs played during World War II after extensive training. 

"It was lovely to meet the many people who braved the heat to visit the Festival and our stand in the arena to learn more about Buddy - and buy signed copies the book. Many thanks to you all!" said the author Joan McEnnis.
The book can also be bought from Gullivers Bookshop in Wimborne and Westbourne Bookshop.




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People often ask why I like writing for children and young adults. Well, it's just such great fun throwing myself into an adventure - probably because I enjoy one myself! So  I invite you to come with me - into the action!





AN INSPIRING  gift for all age groups from 8 - 100! This is because the fact/fiction content of Buddy the War Dog is informative as well as being exciting - and funny in places. And for older people some might remember the build up to World War II as well as the passion and feats of bravery that took place from people as well as dogs! In the book, those times are brought into vivid focus in four uplifting stories from the start to the end of the War. 


And afterwards during the post War years - just how life was when nearly all commodities were scarce and families took up the challenge to "dig on for victory" and make the most of what they had. People pulled together to support those who were worst off and endeavoured, with great courage, to rise above the consequences of the evil that is War.





See a Review of Buddy The War Dog in the MARCH 2018 edition of DOGS MONTHLY Magazine - Book Club - page 56 - on sale now or online.  at - www.dogsmonthly.co.uk




"This is my seven times great granddad's book of stories of how dogs like me were used during the War. It starts off with me, Bod in Cornwall, telling my master Archie what was written about my granddad in the War Dog's Journal all those years ago.

It's full of daring and exciting situations: some will make you laugh and some could make you cry. So - you'd better prepare yourself for the unexpected........"




Jen Richardson from the Labrador Rescue Trust dropped in to Gullivers Bookshop for the book launch of Buddy the War Dog with her special friend  Lottie the brown Lab.


Jen explained about the work of the Trust and how she helped Lottie to overcome her traumatic experiences.


Very soon, Lottie was enjoying a kiss and chat with Ebony and Jet the other two black Labs and sharing some well-earned doggie treats!


Don't forget for every book sold £1 will be donated to The Labrador Rescur Trust.


Read about the Trust's incredible work on their website: www.labrador-rescue.com


And later - Lottie was so curious to find out more about the book and Buddy's experiences - she decided to ask me for a signed copy! How can a gal refuse?


(photo: Courtesy Stour & Avon Magazine -

M. Barber)




A big thank you to Gullivers Bookshop in Wimborne Minster for hosting the launch of my book - Buddy the War Dog - on Tuesday evening 27th June - and to all the people who attended. It was a great turnout. My special thanks to Jen Richardson, Rod Playford and Jenny from The Labrador Rescue Trust who brought along three lovely rescue Labs - Lottie (brown), **Ebony and Jet (both black) who joined in the celebrations - with a treat or two! Lots more books sold which meant more funds for the Trust who rely on donations for the vital work they do. For every book sold, £1 goes towards the Trust


Part fact part fiction the book is written in the first 'doggie-person'. Buddy, a black Labrador, is the seven times great granddad of Bod who lives in Cornwall. Through the War Dogs' Journal, Buddy relates his experiences during World War II in the Blitz and behind enemy lines in France. He builds lifelong bonds with other canines and his soldier handlers. Amidst the action there are also tender moments, laughter and pathos. 




**Unfortuntely we have some very sad news about Ebony, who after a long and painful battle with Addison's disease gave up her struggle and passed away on 1st August. She was comforted and cared for to the end by her loving owners. A moving tribute to Ebony can be read in the Trust's magzine - Labradors Forever in which Ebony's mum and dad - Rod and Jen Playford said:

"She was a very special girl, who despite her medical conditions was always a bright-eyed and waggy-tailed friend and companion to both of us, Jet and indeed everyone else who knew her. She will remain in our hearts forever."




Broadcaster Helen Johns of Radio Hospital Bedside interviewed Joan about Buddy The War Dog. Having read the book, she said: "I found it very exciting and read it straight through. I had no idea dogs were actually parachuted behind enemy lines. I'd like to know when you write your next book."The fact that for every book sold, £1 is donated to The Labrador Rescue Trust was of particular interest.  Helen has been a volunteer with RHB for 36 years. 



Throughout their 24/7 broadcasts, Radio Hospital Bedside plays an eclectic range of music to cater for all generations and tastes of patients listening in across four Dorset hospitals.

The station has been operating since 1972 and is staffed totally by volunteers who are passionate about sustaining the station's success through continued fund raising activities as they need to raise around £15,000 a year to keep going.  If you would like to become a Friend of RHB or would like to help their cheerful team, you can find details on their website: www.radiohospitalbedsie.co.uk 


On air and relaxed talking to Helen with lots to say about Buddy The War Dog!




Buddy is sentenced to death at the start of World War II. Minutes later German bombs are raining down on London and his fate is changed forever.

This is Buddy's story of his experiences and contribution during the War and his brave efforts in the London Blitz of espionage, Nazi persecution in France and his exploits behind enemy lines. 

But will Buddy survive?




Buddy is Bod's seven times great granddad and his story has been handed down from pup to pup. There could be as many as 8,192 descendants throughout the world related to Buddy. Is your Lab one of them?

Order now  for only  £7.99 +p&p

Go to the contact page and send a message and we will get back to you.

Bod is a playful, funny and gentle black Labrador whose inquisitiveness  leads him into exciting situations with his young friend Archie

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